Kickstart your weight loss journey with the 15 Day Challenge. We provide you with a customized nutrition plan and a workout program.

Most people drop between 5-10 pounds during the challenge! Where will you be in two weeks?

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$ 99

Per Month

  • 4 sessions/month
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Monthly Weigh in


$ 176

Per Month

  • 2 sessions/week
  • Nutrition Consultation & Plan
  • Weekly Weigh in


$ 240

Per Month

  • 4 sessions/week
  • 24/7 Nutrition Support
  • Weekly Weigh in

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Ashley “Bad Ash”

Ashley “Bad Ash”


Head Trainer and Weight Loss Nutrition Specialist



Personal Trainer

BAD ASH Trainer, B.S. Exercise Science

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Join our team

Personal Trainer

At Bad Ash, we believe in building a diverse, dynamic team that’s capable of maximizing results for their clients and coworkers alike. That’s why we offer a creative, rewarding work environment where you can continue to build your skills while learning and growing in a career that truly rewards your performance.

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Engage Your Core!!! Happy October! I am going to challenge all of you this month to ENGAGE YOUR CORE. You might be thinking, “Ok, so what does that mean exactly?” Welllllll Engaging Your Core means to contract/hold/squeeze your abdominal muscles as if you are bracing your stomach area. Another way to understand the idea of […]

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Experiencing Stubborn Fat Loss? The Cure: High Intensity Interval Training! Are you sick and tired of jumping on the treadmill at the gym because 1) you don’t know what else to do to break that plateau of weight loss or 2) you really have no idea what to even do at the gym because you […]

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  What is F.U.P.A. ? Fat Upper *pelvic* (PC version) Region. What causes it? FUPA is caused by a combination of forward pelvic tilt and extra body fat. How to fix it? You can reduce the size of your FUPA or even eliminate it completely by keeping your pelvis aligned and toning the muscles in that region. […]